Moon Before Sunrise

Dreaming of leaving the earth starts with dreaming about the moon. I do not dream because I dislike where I am; I dream because I want mankind to travel to the stars. I want mankind to live between worlds.

Is that such a weird dream?

Whenever I raise my eyes to the moon, I see beyond the moon, into the future of humanity. We must travel those dark places between the stars as a complete package of this earth. We need to travel in seedships that encompass the entirety of earth. … At least, that is what I think.

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Andi – Running to tomorrow.

Here we have a beautiful human being, running with a full head of steam towards her future, tomorrow.

In Andi’s world, tomorrow does not creep in its petty pace, from day to day, to the last sylabal of recorded time. Nope! In Andi’s world, running headlong into tomorrow, we can see a wondrous world.

I like this place.

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Petroglyph Painted Rock Sunset

The desert is an amazing place when it is still. When it is still, you can peer through the mists of time.

This is a very specific example of time travel. Here, at these very rocks, for millennia congregated Native Americans. In ancient times, it was the place to be. People sat here, and talked, smoked, exchanged goods, maybe they even made political alinements, weddings. … We can never be really sure what happened here generally.

But, we can be one hundred percent positive that man gathered here, and they wrote on the rocks.

Our archeologists, and scientists, have analyzed the symbols, and decided that they stand for many things. … But, what those symbols really stood for in the minds of the people who spent their time at the rocks, etching the symbols that have stood in this desert for a very long time, That we have no way of knowing.

One other thing we can know. … We can know the majesty of a sunset at these rocks, especially when you share that time with friends.

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Stage Left Wall

This is the Stage Left Wall of the White Box Contemporarynart gallery in San DIego. Alexander Salazar, is the owner of the gallery. This is the way the Stage Left wall looked during his birthday party.

It was a costume party based on Porn Stars of the ’70’s. … This is just one wall out of the gallery, but the gallery has some fairly cool looking men and women. The guest of honor was Ron Jeremy!

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An Answer To – “How do I buy your images?”

Some people were having a little trouble figuring out how to buy images, so I thought I would create this little tutorial. Click on the image, to the right, to see an image large enough to read the directions.

This little tutorial takes you from an album image, on Facebook, to the gallery where the image can be purchased.

Purchased as an image of many sizes and finishes.
Purchased as card in different formats, and with text of your choice.
Purchased as piece of merchandise, like a shirt, or a cup.
Or, Purchased as a downloadable file of various sizes.

For those that asked me a question, “How do I buy your images?” I hope this helps. … If it does not help you, please ask me for help again. 😉

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Macros – A whole Bunch of ’em!

Snail on Spider SilkCrystalline Ice Plant_MG_5324_MG_5323Crab Spider_MG_5309
Small ButterflySmall ButterflyReflections in a Lady BugDead GrassCrystalline Ice Plant_MG_3696

Macros, a set on Flickr.

My Macro Gallery on SmugMug
[by Jack Foster Mancilla]

I have been blown away by the ease of publishing images, and sets of images from Flickr to my Weblog. It is dead simple easy! And, I like it. 🙂

So I was perusing my sets of images, and I liked this set of Macros. They run the gamut over several years, including Snakes, Flowers, Insects, Snails. … Pretty much, anything I pointed my Macro lens at.

Enjoy the set. …


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At The Waters Edge

AtTheWatersEdge by LensLord
AtTheWatersEdge, a photo by LensLord on Flickr.

I love this evocative image. It seems other worldly during this sunset, filled with machines at the water/land interface of humanity.

I was on another shoot during the day. But, I found some time after the shoot. I love to meander home instead of heading straight back to the office. It gives me a little window of time to find things like this.

Via Flickr:
At The Waters Edge
by Jack Foster Mancilla – LensLord™

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