Abstract of Downtown San Diego, by night.

Sometimes, “You cannot see the forest because of the trees.” Meaning that you are too close to the small details of the larger subject that the small details obscure the big picture.

When someone is telling you that you are too close to something to see it clearly, then the time is here for you to back away from the subject and look at the subject from a distance, gain a new perspective, open your eyes to the new vision, get out of the rut.

This image is a rut changing new perspective vision of San Diego.

Also, sometimes fuzzy logic is better than a clear vision.

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We Shall Collect Eggs

It was a fine Sunday. And it was close to egg collecting time.

Here sit the collectors of eggs, prior to the collection.

Cute are they not?

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Surfers Shower – A Gentle Rain

A shower is always nice, be it a Surfers Shower, or a rain across the land.

The soothing water washes the sand and salt from the surfer. A gentle rain washes the settled dust, and grime from the plant leaves and streets. Rain feels good on the leaves of plants and on the flesh of mankind.

This young man, leaning against the post that supports the shower, is completely relaxed, content, in love with this moment in his life. The not cold, not hot, water courses through his hair, and down his wetsuit, creeping into all the nooks and crannies of his body.

I think I will go take a shower now, lean against the tile, and let the water warm and wash me clean.

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Gravid – The Bloom is Gone

Sometimes transition is a hard thing, like this flower, past beauty, now gravid with tomorrows life.

Sunrise, and sunset.

We are the children of those that came before us. With eyes closed we can see backwards, in time, to the very beginning of those lives. We can see their existence as part of our own lives, and now they are gone. Part of our life has ceased being, except as memories already fading. We can no longer smell the flower that was there, or hear the laugh of a father friend.

Look to your children, your friends, and rejoice in the present. Hold them, and love them, for tomorrow they will feel as you do now.

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Heading West

Heading West is not just a direction on the planet, it is a direction for the future. …

Horace Greeley did say this, “Go West young man, go West!” But, he lifted the intent from John B. L. Soule, an Indiana journalist, phrase, “Go West, young man, and grow up with the country”

To me, Heading West is heading to the future. In this image it is a railroad track leading to clear blue skys, out from under a dark cloud. … But, the track is set, you cannot vary from a track. With luck, our track will lead mankind to the stars.

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The Little Boat That Could

In the past, I have been feeling like this little boat, continually working my little effort, and not seeing much change.

But lately, things have seemed to be moving forward. Once my little boat finally started the mass moving, it is still moving, and all the continued effort seems to be additive, and the movement is accelerating.

Toot, Toot. Throw some more coal onto the fire!

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A Finch on a Flower of Green

Spring is here. Go outside and stand, very quietly, for ten minutes, listening. I just heard, what must be hundreds of, birds singing in every direction my attention was focused. What a wonderful sound.

This image is from the Huntington Botanical Gardens in Pasadena. In the image is a little red headed House Finch for you to compare colors. The flowers are that color green, and beautiful.

This is in the cactus gardens, and they have separated planted areas of these kinds of flowering plants. Each of the areas has flowers of one color. Blues, greens, yellows. … Of them all, the blues and the greens caught my eyes most.

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