Basic commercial rates start at $3,500 per Shoot.

  • Three days of pre-production
  • One shooting day for myself, and an assistant.
  • Five days of Post Production.

Please call me for a price quote at 619 218 2929.

Travel and location Costs.

  • Local San Diego Area – $100
  • Greater San Diego County – $250 per day.
  • Outside San Diego County – $250 per day plus acceptable accomodations.

Long distances require air fair, and accommodations for the duration of the shoot, for myself and my assistant.

We arrive at the location with a minimum of twenty-four hours before the shoot day, to scout the location, and make sure everything is ready. I leave, no sooner than twenty-four hours after the shoot wraps. I will be working on the first edits to get the rushes as soon as possible to you.

Jack Foster Mancilla – LensLord™ – Home –

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