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I have done many things, and been many places. but as always, Photography is my passion.

I started as a photographer when I was in the Marine Corps in 1966, when I was formally trained as a photographer at the Naval School of Photography, when it was in Pensacola, Florida. I have been a professional photographer ever since I finished training. But, I have done other things to make money as well. …

Like working in Live Theater, for more than 20 years, starting at The Old Globe Theater in San Diego somewhere around 1970. … And Photography

I take all my experiences with me, so it is with my photography, now aided my understanding of stage picture and living life. …

But now, back to me again, so, while I enjoy a good play or musical theater from those times, I brought what I learned onstage into my photography.  While working in Theater, I learned quite a bit about lighting and composition. That is a great tool to have in one’s knapsack.

I taught new media Journalism at the Danish School of Journalism, where I worked for eight years. …  Oh. … I am also a computer/Macintosh owner/user for many years, since 1984. That kind of computer interest comes from being a science fiction aficionado.

My photographic subjects run the gamut. If it can be photographed, put me in front of it, I will study the subject, and capture the essence of its beauty, be it a person, a stagnant pond, … whatever your subject is, you will always be happy, surprised, and delighted with the result.

Jack Foster Mancilla

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