San Diego Fine Art Society – Hollywood Ball – A group of Friends

I think all the people in this image are friends, or work together. At least they know each other through each other with just one degree of separation. … Maybe it is only in my mind. … 😉

Anyway, I was shooting some images of guests, and just before I shot this image of the group, I saw these two women sitting in the dark area of the third floor at Anthology in San Diego. It was the soft light on the red hair that caught my eye.

I then asked them out to the patio area to shoot an image with some of the city in the background. And everyone came along. I had not seen them as a group before I asked the two women for a new location, but as soon as I did, it became this wonderful group on the patio. Of course the women are beautiful, but I also find it interesting that the man with the martini, has no socks.

The Red Carpet Set

The Set with Lighting

Playing in the Street Set

And the set of the interior of the Anthology during the event.

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San Diego Fine Art Society

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