$15 per 360 node, with a minimum of $50 per visit in San Diego County.

  • Usually one immersive 360 degree shot per room is all that is required.
  • If it is a large Room, You may want two nodes in that room
  • You will get a CD with the 360 degree images, and players for both Mac/PC

Call to book an inventory capture. – 619 218 2929.

This is a single image/node being used for instance. You can rotate the image, zoom in and out, look up, and down.


The Garage Spherical Image of a garage.

You do not have to remember, or write down, everything you own for insurance purposes before the fact. Just have me shoot 360 degree images of your locations!

These amazing 360 degree images will bring everything back into your memory, as if you were opening the drawers. … You can look at the 360 degree image of the garage and see whatever is in the open, and those items that are behind closet doors are easily remembered when you can see your location in context.

Call 619 218-2929

Jack Foster Mancilla – LensLord™ – Home –

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