~ From my Facebook – 25 Random Things About Me

by Jack Foster Mancilla

So here are my 25 things.

1.) Music and sound, are background to my visual world. I am a photographer now.

2.) In the past, I worked at the first retail computer store in the world, with Dick Heiser, the owner, and I met Steve Jobs there, one time, a long time ago. … My brother called me a nerd.

3.) My first apple computer, an Apple II, was serial number 1400. I was in a rear end collision in a Volkswagen Fastback, and use the insurance money to buy the computer.

4.) I spent 22 years working in live theatre, mostly technical theater, but I also acted.

5.) While acting, I sang in a very few musicals, and was not very good as a singer, but was ok when I sang in character, and very strange characters to boot. … “Doo see root, doo roo doo de root. Doo see root, doo roo doo de root. … Roo doo, doo de root.”

6.) I do not like to be told what to do. I love to help, but I like to be asked.

7.) I am a pretty good cook. Shrimp Pasta is a specialty.

8.) I have had many pets, Alligator, Rat, Snakes, Dogs, Birds, Fish, spiders. My favorite dogs were/Are Rusty (My first dog, who did everything with me), Sarah (My Danish speaking dog, who would walk upright, and was as tall as a human when walking upright), Spot (who was named after an Actor named Scott. Spot had a great heart, and loved chocolate cake mix) and Gypsy (Not really my dog, but I love her just the same)

9.) Denmark was the best place I ever lived, and the worst place I ever lived. (Requires much more discussion having to do with relationships, but here we have the opening gambit, kings pawn moving his first steps, in a much larger discussion.)

10.) One of my hidden goals is to help lead mankind to the stars. (Science Fiction, Alternative Futures and choices that can be worked towards without guarantee.)

11.) I want to be a peop-cicle, a frozen head. As a non-theist, I think that if there is any chance at coming back, you might as well take the chance. Otherwise, you will most certainly cease to exist.

12.) I am also a sort of Trans-Humanist, believing that if false teeth, false legs, and false arms, are O.K., and it is also OK for non biological hearts, spleens, kidneys, and livers. But why stop at those organs? Any organ, or body part, is replaceable in my mind. It is no problem for consciousness to be continued in a non biological brain.

13.) Triskaidekaphobia is real, but 42 is the answer.

14.) I think that everything in existence is the pinnacle of its evolution through time. All things are equal, and have a life of their own, be they rock, fish, plant, stars, dust, humans, … all things named, and unnamed are evolved to be here after, current theory and observations suggest that the age of the universe is between, 13.61 and 13.85 billion years, and have a right to be here.

15.) I look for beauty in all things.

16.) I still look 18 in any mirror I care to gaze into, shaving for example, but concede the fact that I do look older in any pictures of me.

17.) I liked working in the garden, and raising pumpkins for show, and food to eat.

18.) I love the rain, but dislike wet clothing, from being a child and running around in warm Oklahoma rain in a swim suit.

19.) The sound of fresh snow on my way to the train and work in the early morning dark winter days of Denmark made me feel very good. I could hear the crystalline structure of the snow crack as my dark shoes carried my weight through the softness to the walkway beneath. The two hours in the train did not bother me. It was good to be alive.

20.) I like high places. I think a good view is worth almost all the money I have. Some people can stand next to a cliff and see the ground below, while imagining sudden death. I see that as well, but gather myself and look on past the rocks below, and see the green valley, the rising mountains capped with snow on the other side of the valley, with the moon rising beyond that, and beyond the moon, I see the suns of the universe as individuals, and as parts of the larger whole. … I see all of this, knowing that I cannot see everything, but not needing to make up any reason for existence. I love, you, the universe, and everything that exists. That is enough for me to see from those high vistas.

21.) I strive for more every day.

22.) I will not waste a worry on anything. … Nothing you worry about ever comes to pass as you expected it to come about when you were so deep in worry. What a waste.

23.) I met a grade school enemy after many years and found that we had more in common than we did when we were younger.

24.) I will work until I die. … That does not mean that work will kill me, but it does mean that I enjoy working, more than not working. It also means that I have very little money.

25.) I know my eccentricities make some of my friends think me passing strange. But I cannot help it. To thine own-self be true, I passed strange a long time ago just by trying to be an honest little kid.

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