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I have done many things, and been many places. Now I am working at my youths passionate endeavor, photography.

I started as a photographer when I was in the Marine Corps in 1966, when I was formally trained as a photographer at the Naval School of Photography, when it was in Pensacola, Florida. I have been a professional photographer ever since I finished training. But, I have done other things to make money as well. …

Like working in Live Theater, for more than 20 years, starting at The Old Globe Theater in San Diego somewhere around 1970. …

I take all my experiences with me, so it is with my photography, now aided my understanding of stage picture and living life. …

But now, back to me again, so, while I enjoy a good play or musical theater from those times, I brought what I learned onstage into my photography.  While working in Theater, I learned quite a bit about lighting and composition. That is a great tool to have in one’s knapsack.

I taught new media Journalism at the Danish School of Journalism, where I worked for several years. …  Oh. … I am also a computer/Macintosh owner/user for many years, since 1984. That kind of computer interest comes from being a science fiction aficionado.

Location Photography: My Passport is up to date, and I love to travel. Being outside is one of my favorite things. My nose is good, so I smell the flowers. Location photography is something I love, new sights, new sounds, and new flowers.

My photographic subjects run the gamut. If it can be photographed, put me in front of it, and you will always be happy, surprised, and delighted with the result.

Jack Foster Mancilla

And for those that really want to know more – 😉
Here are 25 Random things about me.
And, here are some thoughts about my dog, Rusty.
And, this is my true UFO story.

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