Anja is beautiful.

Anja is beautiful.

This image is part of a larger set that can be seen at the location of that single image. … I used this image out of all the others because I find Anja’s face so compelling. The little smile, the eyes that go on for days. … And I like the sunset and the lighting.

Anja has her own business of dancing, fire, Isis wings, and a whole set of other items. You can check them out at her site location. …

Anja Indriani Web Location

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Dead Tree in Peutz Canyon

I love colors. We see with colors. The world is colorful.

This little canyon along interstate “8,” just a small distance outside San Diego, caught my attention one day as I was driving towards the mountains. It is the life experienced in transit that matters, not the target of the transit that matters most. “Journey verses Destination”

By being open along the journey, I found this wonderful little place that captured my eyes for a short time. If I had been focused on the mountains, I would not have seen the trees.

I love life, and the travels.

Enjoy what I have captured in transit.

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Medelyn and Almario Alde … and Family

When I shoot weddings, I shoot with a team of three photographers. Patricia Cabezas, Cameron Gary, and myself. … This is one of the images I shot of the gathered family. …

Honestly, I shot a thousand images, and I am sure Patricia shot that many as well, so we have a lot to choose from.

I love weddings. Everyone is always super nice, and it was the same with this wedding.

Congratulations Medelyn, and Almario!

And a little Nerd Speak . “Live long, and prosper!”

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The Walt Disney Concert Hall – Los Angeles

The Walt Disney Concert Hall, designed by architect Frank Gehry, is designed to be one of the most sophisticated concert halls in the world.

It is that, and more. Frank Gehry designed a concert hall wrapped beautifully in stainless steel cladding that stands, glistening in the sun, fending off the elements as if it could stand a thousand years watching, as Los Angeles grows around it. I love this building.

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Man Using Sextant – Huntington Beach

Why do I talk about a sextant today? I have always loved tools. And a sextant is one of those magical tools of the mariners, but that is not the whole reason.

Most people know the sextant as a tool to find ones latitudinal location on the planet, it does do that. But practically, it is a measurer of angles. Usually, it is seen used in the upright vertical position measuring the angle of the sun, or a star by navigators of the ocean, but it can also be used horizontally on its side to measure the angles between known things, like a couple mountain tops, to find a precise location on the planet.

So this posting is really about location. … My location, where am I going, and what am I doing?

Today, I am thinking about this sextant, and plotting my course for my future in photography. … I could use a few hands along the way. … And for all my friends, “Fair Winds and Following Seas.”

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Black and White Pontiac

It has been a little busy lately, what with my little side trip to the desert, and a few other real things. … Like the April 11, 2010, Concours d’ Elegance at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills.

A lot of people are involved, check out this -> Google search

I will be there with some matted and framed images. … And with a little luck, I will be able to meet some very nice people that like my work.

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This lone Saguaro looks across the land of the petroglyphs of the Painted Rocks Petroglyph Site east of Gila Bend, Arizona USA.

Because Sentinel has one branch and is as tall as it is, the age of this cactus is estimated to be between 40, and 70 years old. This cactus could be my age, having seen what I have seen, and knowing what I know of life. But, this cactus is far smarter than I will ever be. He stands in the sun, year after year, watching the world, smelling the seasons as they move through time. This lone sentinel watches the stars at night, as they mark astronomical time.

This sentinel marks the shadow of the sun across the desert floor, while I run around scraping together things needed for my life to continue. He feels the water course down his flesh, pool at his base, and swells when it is ingested, expanding his structure so that he can pass the dry times. … I cannot go more than a few hours without water.

But, Sentinel cannot drive my Toyota.

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Water Tower – Gila Bend Arizona

I was wandering around Gila Bend, Arizona, and saw this rusted old water tower that was standing right beside the railway lines.

It no longer functions as a tower, but it surely does look good in a photograph. The light is from mid afternoon. And the clouds are the remnants of last nights rain.

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The Sign of The Space Age Restaurant in Gila Bend Arizona

A couple days ago, I headed out to the Anza Borrego desert to take some pictures of the wildflowers.

This is the reason that I usually like to travel to targets, and be the driver. When I got to the turnoff on interstate 8, I kept heading east. We wound up in Gila Bend Arizona. … 😎 …

Yeps! Gila Bend.

When a very good friend of mine was going to school at the University of Arizona, Tucson, I used to drive between San Diego and Tucson quite frequently. Gila Bend had a very cool Motel that looked very spacy, and I got it into my head that I wanted to visit it again. Forget the flowers, “Spaceward Ho!”

The original burned down quite a while ago, but it has been replaced by the Space Age Motor Lodge and Restaurant. This image will jump you into the middle of some images. The new one is still very cool. … 😉

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Ocotillo along S-2

This is one of my hopes for tomorrow, Ocotillos. Odds are really good that I will not get such a nice bloom, and will have to settle for other things. For example, smaller things, very small. That is just the way things go when you are headed into the semi-known. 😉

One thing I do know. There will be things to take pictures of, lots of things with pretty lighting. For me, this kind of drive is open ended, without a specific target, just general directions and hopes. … Generally, the desert. Hopefully, Ocotillos, partially cloudy sky, a complete carpet of small flowers somewhere, racemes of nodding …

We will see what we will see. … Tomorrow.

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