An Artists Kitchen

I love this image. … When I first walked around the corner and saw this little kitchen nook, with the filtered light from outside, and the crystal overhead lighting, I thought it was pretty. …

The cool light from outside balancing with the warmness of the interior lighting. The metal of the pots and pans are softened, and all is cozy.

Then I noticed the use of space. Fantastic! A little magical nook where everything has its place. And, nothing encroaches the space of another thing.

That is a thing we would all like. … To have our place.

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The Rider 2 – Colt Revolver

This is the rider from the front. … The additional name, “Colt Revolver,” comes from words on her belt buckle.

And from the impression that she is one hot pistole.

This image was always going to be added to the purchasable set, but I thought it best to get it close to the same rider with the alternate view.

AS I look through the images I am posting, I think of them as a set that should go up in one location, tying rooms, and walls together.

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Orchids in the Sun

These orchids have been sitting around the kitchen for a few days. This particular morning I decided to place them in the direct light of the early morning sun. … So, they are lit directly from behind, that is why we see shadows in the petals.

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Over the past year, or so, I have been shooting images for the San Diego Fine Arts Society, S.D.F.A.S. Some of what I have seen and experienced has started to rub off on me.

It has been very exciting seeing what other artists do in their work. I have always considered myself an artist, and not just a photographer. In that context, I try to use my images to capture beauty. So I have been very lucky, I have gotten a primer in current art.

Now I play more with photos.

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The Rider

I love female riders. It is mostly the athletic riders that catch my attention, but they are amazing.

This rider is amazingly beautiful, She sits strong astride the horse, shoulders squared, and comfortable. The sunlight models her form with accents of color.

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Dancing at the Lucky Star

Every once in a while, some friends and I go to dinner at the Lucky Star Seafood Restaurant, in San Diego, for dinner and a dance.

I do not know how often they have dancing, but we go on Fridays, and they have always had dancing on Fridays. …

This is just one picture of the most recent visit.

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This is Gypsy. … Gypsy is a very smart dog. When I was shooting dogs at all the San Diego Petco’s, Gypsy would go with me to the stores and be my helper. … Whenever cats, or other small animals, were the subject, Gypsy would play with them if they want ted to play, if they were frightned, she would lay somewhere out of sight. …

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