Playing with the Blue. 


I love my little iPhone. 😉 And colors!

Awaiting the Sun.

In the still times of the early mornings, before the sun rises, before the birds sing, there is a quiet time where we can contemplate our place in the world. What are our personal goals? What is the future of mankind in fifty years? A thousand years? Five thousand years? Longer than recorded history?

These times are but a drop in the bucket.

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T these are the neighbors George, Dennis this is not a wall.



Belle’s Hope

A rolling tribute for families with cancer



Something to think about if you oppose development of the wilderness. – Copyrighted Earth to Beat an Oil Pipeline

Thoughtful article on AppleWATCH – Worth Reading Daring Fireball: Apple Watch: Initial Thoughts and Observations.

Telling it like it is – If you don’t like the Apple Watch, don’t buy one | TUAW: Apple news, reviews.

A good article.

Since yesterday’s Apple announcement of the Apple Watch (or Watch or just Watch) I have seen a cavalcade of arguments against the device. This is to be expected. I’ll grant you, Apple isn’t fighting against a bunch of crappy smartphones. This isn’t some huge problem to solve, it’s more like a smoothing out of rough edges in one’s life. In a way, the benefits of Apple Watch are nuanced. This is good.