The Young Man in the Barbers Parlor

This is the first image that I shot that someone I respected liked, and I knew I could see some things that set me a little apart, and might give me a chance at a career.

I had dropped my car off for a car wash in oceanside, while driving back from San Francisco, and a short detour to Yosemite. I looked in the window and thought the people in there looked interesting, and it was a very intersting shop. They let me shoot anything I wanted, and the young man was very interested in my camera.

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Alice The Goon – Female Elephant Seal

These animals are so graceful in the water, and lumbering giants on land.

I shot a whole set of images of these strong animals, just north of San Simeon, on a trip to San Francisco. I do not know how to tell the age of the Alice, but it was my feeling, if she were human, she would be about twenty-seven years old, and she liked me enough to be as curious about me, as I was about her.

I was very lucky with this image because their eyes are so dark, they usually look like black marbles, but this time she turned her head to face me, and the sun finally lit up her windows.

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Ripples in a Pond

Fish. … I love them. And this image of a golden Koi fish in a pond, surrounded by deep blue ripples in a pond just makes my day. That fish seems to be looking right at me, and talking to my insides. … At the very least, we are making eye contact, so that our consciously aware of each other.

This was taken at the Self Realization Fellowship in Encinitas California.

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