Gypsy – April 16, 2018.

Gypsy said that she wanted to walk down to Tecolote Canyon today. It, when we got halfway down the hill she found this wondrously luxurious lawn where she rubbed her face, and rolled on her back, in total bliss.

Then, she jumped up and headed home. 🙂 That was enough walking for now.

Sugar – Lovely little girl

This is little sugar. She is a great, soft, little dog. She is also blind from her diabetes, but, she is still a great dog.

5000 miles checkup at Toyota of Escondido.

Sitting in the waiting area. I come here every 5000 miles to get my car serviced, usually, like today, on a Monday. I like coming here. They do fine work, and they check everything. There is no question about the quality of the work.

Now, this being a day to do things, I am now at UBER San Diego Greenlight Hub, to fill out some paperwork that will enable my access to Naval bases in San Diego for pickup.

The-Beating-Heart.jpg January 12, 2018 at 01:47PM

I do have a tendency to play with things that I think make pretty things.

See it here:

Life in the Garden January 11, 2018 at 03:27PM

Just a walk around the block with my iPhone.
I saw this wee beastie and he called to me.

See it here:

Sunset from Point Loma January 05, 2018 at 04:13PM

Standing beside the road, I took a couple friends from out of town for a little ride up to the old Point Loma Lighthouse. …
This is what the sunset looked like from there.

I hope we all have more beautiful sunsets in 2018!

See it here: