Gypsy in the sun March 03, 2017 at 09:14PM

In the late afternoon, Gypsy reclines upon the perch of the neighbor’s grass, as she scans the neighborhood for anything requiring her attention.

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Dennis Ashby February 26, 2017 at 01:51PM

Christmas Past

Christmas Past

So. 😉 Christmas morning has come and gone, the balloons filled to delight the smallings are all that remains, and they are slowly falling. I love it. … Sometimes the colorful sprites follow me around. … You can even see a couple running off down the hall. … 😉

As I am working on the computer, several silently slip into my room, watching over my shoulders, till one, ever so slightly taps me on the ear or my leg, and I turnaround to see the gathered friends coming to say, “Thank you for sharing Christmas with us.” Like very gentle spirits, they inhabit our house during times of gladness.

Solare Kitchen

I am now shooting for Solare Ristorante Italiano, Pizzeria, Lounge at Liberty Station in San Diego. … This day was just messing around, looking at things. 😉 

Here is the rectilinear image.


And here is a link to the imersive 360 using the same image.

The active kitchen of Solare – Ristorante Italiano, Pizzeria, Lounge, at Liberty Station, San Diego. Chef in his kitchen.

I saw you standing there.


Pluto And Charon in false color.

by Stuart Rankin

Where is our moon right now? What can we see, were we to look at our moon right now? Is it near the horizon? Is it a full moon, a new moon, or some other phase of our earthly moon?

Now, let us visit Pluto and its moon, Charon. Charon, like our own moon, is tidally locked to the planet it orbits. Charon has one hemisphere that always faces Pluto, and one hemisphere that never faces Pluto.

And if we were on Pluto, directly under Charon looking straight up and saw Charon in the sky above us, we would see that one face of Charon that we always see. … Now here is where it gets a little strange. … What if we looked up again in an hour? A few minutes, two hours, a day, a year, fifteen years, where would Charon be? What would we see?

So Pluto, is like Charon being tidally locked to Pluto and only showing one face to Pluto, Pluto is also tidally locked to Charon and only faces one hemisphere to Charon. … That means that if Charon were straight above us from the planets surface, Charon would always be straight above us, forever. … As the Charon lunar month progressed through all the phases of the moon, we could lie on our backs and watch the moon go through all its phases in one place, never moving in the sky at all. One day we would look up and see a quarter moon, and another day we would see a full moon, and on the days approaching the new moon, we would see Charon slowly change to one crescent and then fade out, and then, in a few days, Charon would slowly fade back in with the opposite crescent. All the while as it was directly overhead, never moving.

The sun would move. The stars would move. Charon, the moon, would stare down at us like an ever watchful god.

That also means that if we were born on one side of the planet, we may never even know there was a moon at all. We would never see it. Imagine a Plutonian Magellan circumnavigating Pluto only to discover, not a new continent, but a moon. This imaginary Magellan would be navigating by stars, until he saw this giant orb in the sky. Holy crap, I would surely shit my pants if I were there.

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Thinking of Christine


Thinking of Christine

by Jack Foster Mancilla
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I love prints. They are so expressive, and if you install an image on your wall, it becomes more than the print. It becomes a conversation with the with yourself, as your mood changes the image changes. One day it can talk with you about your pains, another day it will lift your spirits. Prints are a wonderful way to see an ever changing moment of life.

Frames can focus your mind on the print by eliminating the visual chatter that fils our world. Focus is a good thing.

I do know the world has moved to online images, almost exclusively, but I do not really care.

Prints are the bomb!

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Garden fresh

  Dennis, my neighbor gave me a bunch of fruit off of his tomato and pepper plants.
This is just one picture taken on the patio just a few minutes ago