My Flickr images are suprising me.

As a photographer, I have several photo display accounts. In addition to my SmugMug Gallery, this blog, 500pix, I also have my Flickr account.

This posting is about my Flickr account. … In the grand scheme of things, I know my viewers numbers are not very high, but I find them interesting. I wonder how people found my Flickr postings in the first place. 🙂

It seems that recently, my Flickr account is getting a much larger number of viewers. The viewers may go away, but for now, it is kind of cool to watch.

This image to the right covers some traffic information over the past month that I find interesting. I have highlighted three different days, with differing numbers of visitors. The highlighted day in the middle of the other two says “Zero” views. … I think that is an aberration, some sort of missed recording whatever. The first highlighted day is the day with the lowest number of views. It says that there have been 148 views. One hundred forty-eight, that’s kind of cool. One hundred forty-eight used to be a high view day, but in this last month, it is the day with the lowest number of viewers.

The general trend for the past six months has been one of a very slow growth, but always averaging an upward trend. … That last highlighted thing is for today. It says 2,390 views for today. … And today isn’t even over.
As a matter of fact, I just checked as I finished writing this post, and it now says 2,407. Cool! 🙂

*** Adendum *** Todays total came in at 2,528 at the end of Flickrs 24 hour day.

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