2:21 pm today, at the DMV.

in line to replace a missing drivers license. We will see how far I get. Knock on wood. 😉

Time marches on. 😉

Moved to the next location.

So. This location is after I have filled out the replacement application.

Now we are in the final stretch.

Next will be the payment window. … I think. Fingers crossed. 🙂


Canceled. System down. Not possible to complete the task today!! People are really angry.

I should have gone out of my way to find some wood to knock on. 😒

Gypsy – April 16, 2018.

Gypsy said that she wanted to walk down to Tecolote Canyon today. It, when we got halfway down the hill she found this wondrously luxurious lawn where she rubbed her face, and rolled on her back, in total bliss.

Then, she jumped up and headed home. 🙂 That was enough walking for now.