Christmas Past

Christmas Past

So. 😉 Christmas morning has come and gone, the balloons filled to delight the smallings are all that remains, and they are slowly falling. I love it. … Sometimes the colorful sprites follow me around. … You can even see a couple running off down the hall. … 😉

As I am working on the computer, several silently slip into my room, watching over my shoulders, till one, ever so slightly taps me on the ear or my leg, and I turnaround to see the gathered friends coming to say, “Thank you for sharing Christmas with us.” Like very gentle spirits, they inhabit our house during times of gladness.

Solare Kitchen

I am now shooting for Solare Ristorante Italiano, Pizzeria, Lounge at Liberty Station in San Diego. … This day was just messing around, looking at things. 😉 

Here is the rectilinear image.


And here is a link to the imersive 360 using the same image.

The active kitchen of Solare – Ristorante Italiano, Pizzeria, Lounge, at Liberty Station, San Diego. Chef in his kitchen.