My Flickr images are suprising me.

As a photographer, I have several photo display accounts. In addition to my SmugMug Gallery, this blog, 500pix, I also have my Flickr account.

This posting is about my Flickr account. … In the grand scheme of things, I know my viewers numbers are not very high, but I find them interesting. I wonder how people found my Flickr postings in the first place. 🙂

It seems that recently, my Flickr account is getting a much larger number of viewers. The viewers may go away, but for now, it is kind of cool to watch.

This image to the right covers some traffic information over the past month that I find interesting. I have highlighted three different days, with differing numbers of visitors. The highlighted day in the middle of the other two says “Zero” views. … I think that is an aberration, some sort of missed recording whatever. The first highlighted day is the day with the lowest number of views. It says that there have been 148 views. One hundred forty-eight, that’s kind of cool. One hundred forty-eight used to be a high view day, but in this last month, it is the day with the lowest number of viewers.

The general trend for the past six months has been one of a very slow growth, but always averaging an upward trend. … That last highlighted thing is for today. It says 2,390 views for today. … And today isn’t even over.
As a matter of fact, I just checked as I finished writing this post, and it now says 2,407. Cool! 🙂

*** Adendum *** Todays total came in at 2,528 at the end of Flickrs 24 hour day.

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Sweet Perspiration

One evening, in San Diego, there was an art reception for Walter Redondo at Meze, in the Gaslamp District.. Part of the evenings entertainment included a Belly Dancing group.

I just love the way this dancer stands, with her hair clinging to the perspiration on her beautiful neck. To me, this image is of a very powerful, and proud, woman who is working her body and loving her life.

It looks incredibly hot!
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Commitments, Families, and Conflicts.



by Jack Foster Mancilla
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Now, we have a beautiful little Jordan, the newest member of my extended family.

Black or white? One or the other? … There are conflicts that can only be settled by a single choice. … Work or life? Work or life?

I have never really been able to sacrifice my work life for my family life. Work has always been more important. It brings in money. It gives me the satisfaction of a job well done. I can control my work life. … There is no way to control family life. It is chaotic because it is filled with people of differing goals. … Like little Jordan, his goal was to join the rest of us on this planet when he wanted to come, not because his timing fit my work schedule.

Sometimes, work is life. And sometimes, work is the antithesis to life.

Repeatedly in my life I have sacrificed the family, more times than I can count, but not anymore. Thank you, baby Jordan.

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How to Cover a Cover – Facebook

Hey. … I’ll bet some of you are connected on Facebook! And some of your connections are groups of like minded people for whatever like mindedness ideas you have. … 🙂

Only a Page/group administrator can publish a cover image for the page/group. But, we can all put images up there for the administrator to use for cover art. …

Click on the thumbnail to the rignt, and you will be able to read the directions. ->

This is a little tutorial I put together for a group I am a member of. Now, we are all starting to put up cover images, and we expect the administrator to change the image as our administrator sees fit. But, at least, we have given her/him a choice.

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Hard at work

_MG_3380 by LensLord
_MG_3380, a photo by LensLord on Flickr.

I was shooting a multi location event for Alexander Salazar Fine Art gallery in San Diego. This woman was working at one of the locations. 😉 No names, and no exact locations given to protect the innocent.