Commitments, Families, and Conflicts.



by Jack Foster Mancilla
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Now, we have a beautiful little Jordan, the newest member of my extended family.

Black or white? One or the other? … There are conflicts that can only be settled by a single choice. … Work or life? Work or life?

I have never really been able to sacrifice my work life for my family life. Work has always been more important. It brings in money. It gives me the satisfaction of a job well done. I can control my work life. … There is no way to control family life. It is chaotic because it is filled with people of differing goals. … Like little Jordan, his goal was to join the rest of us on this planet when he wanted to come, not because his timing fit my work schedule.

Sometimes, work is life. And sometimes, work is the antithesis to life.

Repeatedly in my life I have sacrificed the family, more times than I can count, but not anymore. Thank you, baby Jordan.

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