A Thousand Cactus Flowers

O.K. It is not really a thousand flowers. … But, as soon as I saw this cactus, and got close enough to see that it was flowers all across the crown, I thought, “Holy smokes! That’s a thousand flowers.” … 😉 No, really, I thought that.

But it is beautiful. …

One thing about Macros that bugs many people is the narrow depth of field when you are so close to the subject. … One way to fix that is to shoot many images and pick the focused part of each image and then blend them together. … This image is not really a single image. This image is made from thirty images of differing focus points. …

Pretty cool!

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The Alexander Salazar Fine Art Gallery – A History of Sorts – 48 openings.

For almost a year, I have been shooting events for Alexander Salazar, for his Fineart gallery at the corner of 7th and Broadway, and at the Contemporary White Box gallery, between Broadway and “C” street, also on 7th avenue, and most recently, his exhibit space in La Jolla. … Inadvertendtly, the collection of galleries create a reverse chronological history of those events.

These events include Dancing Downtown, his one year anniversary party, and his White Birthday party downtown. They also include events at the Hilton Bayfront hotel.

You can go and meander through the past year, and you can find all the events that you attended, by name and by date.
This is a link to a single page with all the galeries in reverse order.
Link to the 48 Galleries.

The dates are listed like this, YearMonthDate, for example these are the four most recent events. …


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Blue Heat

One of my nighttime San Diego excursions brought shivers to my body. I know that the kinds of temperatures in San Diego are so much more humane than the temperatures when I lived in Denmark, or my friends in Montana, or even in Julian, which is just a few miles up the hill from here. Still, for me it was cold.

I felt the heat before I saw the heater. Walking down the street, the warmth came to my face, and as I came closer, the warmth came slowly to my body. Ah, the respite was quite welcomed.

On this New Years Eve, I wish you warmth and good company.

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Morning Coffee

One of the first things to be done in the morning, besides letting the dogs outside, is to fix the morning coffee.

As you can see, the early morning sun is cascading through the kitchen window, across the sugar, the coffee, the coffee pot, and the toaster, while my cup sits at the ready, awaiting the double sized portion of brew required for filling.

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Hibiscus in the Morning

Happy Thanksgiving. I am happy for many fine friends and fine things.

This is a morning Hibiscus flower in the back yard.

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Valley of the Moon – I will reach the Moon

These are my goals, “Reaching the moon,” “Helping lead mankind to the stars,” “Infinity, and …”

This is what I do, “Show what I see,” “Always moving towards better vision.”

This is my hope, “That mankind will evolve, and benignly spread from this planet to near space, and beyond.”

This image is that continued grasping.

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Scilla peruviana – Spring 2010 – In The Back Yard

I do not know what kind of flower this is. … Do you know?

This is a volunteer flower that jumped into a planter last year, and came back this year. I again noticed it the other day and decided I would try to capture some of its colors. Eventually, all the small purple buds in the middle open like the others that are spread around the center.

It is beautiful. … I will try again tomorrow. This morning it started to get a little windy to capture all the angles I wanted to shoot.

Found it!
Botanical Name: Scilla peruviana
Other names: Portuguese squill, Caribbean lily, Cuban lily, Giant squill, Hyacinth of Peru
Genus: Scilla
Species: S. peruviana ~ S. peruviana is a clump-forming, semi-evergreen, bulbous perennial with a cluster of lance-shaped, mid-green basal leaves and racemes of nodding, deep purple-blue or white flowers in early summer.

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The Passion Flower

I have always thought these Passion flowers were a little bit strange. When I was young, there was an old abandoned house that we could see the roof of from the street. We could not really see more than that.

Young semi-delinquent that I was, mostly just a young guy whose brain was not connected to reality, I picked up a rock with a good feel in my hand. Its weight felt perfect as I gently tossed it my hand. The house was past the very longest distance I had ever thrown anything. … I conscientiously gauged the length of the required throw, and judged that I could not possibly hit the house.

Did I also say that at that time in my life I might have been part idiot, and a major league pitcher? Because, when I reared back and stretched into my gut, I let loose such a spring of energy that the rock, when released, sailed high and far. Farther than idiot me thought possible. … No, I did not hit the house; I hit the window of the house. I heard the unmistakable crash of a rock through glass. I ran like hell and hid for a while.

When the fear of being caught fled, I walked over to see the window. It was smashed really well. But next to the window was the vine growing on the fence, and I saw the scariest flower I had ever seen. A purple Passion flower is what it was. But, it certainly looked like something from the Body Snatchers to me.

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An Artists Kitchen

I love this image. … When I first walked around the corner and saw this little kitchen nook, with the filtered light from outside, and the crystal overhead lighting, I thought it was pretty. …

The cool light from outside balancing with the warmness of the interior lighting. The metal of the pots and pans are softened, and all is cozy.

Then I noticed the use of space. Fantastic! A little magical nook where everything has its place. And, nothing encroaches the space of another thing.

That is a thing we would all like. … To have our place.

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Orchids in the Sun

These orchids have been sitting around the kitchen for a few days. This particular morning I decided to place them in the direct light of the early morning sun. … So, they are lit directly from behind, that is why we see shadows in the petals.

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