The Passion Flower

I have always thought these Passion flowers were a little bit strange. When I was young, there was an old abandoned house that we could see the roof of from the street. We could not really see more than that.

Young semi-delinquent that I was, mostly just a young guy whose brain was not connected to reality, I picked up a rock with a good feel in my hand. Its weight felt perfect as I gently tossed it my hand. The house was past the very longest distance I had ever thrown anything. … I conscientiously gauged the length of the required throw, and judged that I could not possibly hit the house.

Did I also say that at that time in my life I might have been part idiot, and a major league pitcher? Because, when I reared back and stretched into my gut, I let loose such a spring of energy that the rock, when released, sailed high and far. Farther than idiot me thought possible. … No, I did not hit the house; I hit the window of the house. I heard the unmistakable crash of a rock through glass. I ran like hell and hid for a while.

When the fear of being caught fled, I walked over to see the window. It was smashed really well. But next to the window was the vine growing on the fence, and I saw the scariest flower I had ever seen. A purple Passion flower is what it was. But, it certainly looked like something from the Body Snatchers to me.

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