Blue Heat

One of my nighttime San Diego excursions brought shivers to my body. I know that the kinds of temperatures in San Diego are so much more humane than the temperatures when I lived in Denmark, or my friends in Montana, or even in Julian, which is just a few miles up the hill from here. Still, for me it was cold.

I felt the heat before I saw the heater. Walking down the street, the warmth came to my face, and as I came closer, the warmth came slowly to my body. Ah, the respite was quite welcomed.

On this New Years Eve, I wish you warmth and good company.

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The Chef

Last weekend, I was invited to an event that was wonderful. The Black Label Table – Underground Supper Club had their second evening of fine foods, fine people, fine wines, and all in a place that is not a restaurant.

That was part of the ambience. It took place in a loft where the food was freshly prepared by two wonderful chefs with a penchant for the unique. The evenings meal was based on Momofüko in New York City. Living in San Diego makes Momofüko a little bit far to travel for a leisurly evenings meal. This was out of the park!

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Craig’s Hat and Poem – Craig Noel Memorial Party

Craig’s Poem
by Deborah Taylor

I don’t know what to tell you

“The rest is silence,” like the poet said

Tell me how to love the theatre again

Tell me how to love stage again

When his hand led me to the wings

When his voice led me to the lights

When his heart led me to that Poet.

You know the one-

The one who wrote, “Now cracks a noble heart”

“Good night sweet prince”-

Our prince is gone

Our king

Our teacher

Tell me how to break the silence

roaring in my head.

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