Just an Alley in Ocean Beach

For over a year now, I have been shooting images for the San Diego Fine Arts Society, and in that context I have met some fine artists. It is those artists that have been a releasing influence on my work lately, mostly because I love their work so much. …

This particular day, I was riding around with a friend looking for things photographic. And I happened by this alleyway in Ocean Beach. It reminded me of some of Duke Windsor’s work.

So Duke, this is my alley.

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2 thoughts on “Just an Alley in Ocean Beach

  1. Duke,

    What finished size would you like? the format is any size with a ratio that = 4×6. So, it could be as little as 2inches by 3inches, or as large as 8 feet by 12 feet for a very large wall. … 😉


  2. Jack,

    This is absolutely gorgeous. I am stunned by the luminosity of the image. You have surpassed any of my attemps to truly capture the moment. You sky is by far a grand statement in giving the space its life. The great composition draws me deeper into this scene. Wonderful work. I am honored to know I was even a small part of your motivation. I’ve got to get a print of this for my wall.


    Duke Windsor 2010

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