A Woman and a Sunset – I Love You, In The Sand

A young woman, standing alone on the beach, has written, “I Love You.”

Like honest love, spoken from a full heart of one person directly into the mind and heart of another person, the young woman knelt down, took her finger, and scribed each letter in the sand, one letter at a time. As each stroke of each letter grew with the movement of her hand, the full mantra of her thought repeated in her head, “I Love You. … I Love You. … I Love You.” …

As I look at this image, I see her hope, and feel her fear. Her words are written by her finger in sand that the tide will wash clean in a few hours. Her love, the sand, the sunset, the ocean, everything, is ephemeral, yet. … A clean sandy sunrise will still hold her words.

Once, I had a love. … “I Love You.”

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