With this Ring

Julie Ashton and Jory Lasser were wed.

Good luck to the couple on their journey. May your lives entwine and be an amazing trip that is secure for all. And, I wish you both all the hapiness that could be possible between a woman and a man, for the rest of your lives.

It was a beautiful day.

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Link to The Preparations (Proofs)

Link to The Wedding (Proofs)

Link to The Family Shots (Proofs)

Link to The Reception (Proofs Unfinished)

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Medelyn and Almario Alde … and Family

When I shoot weddings, I shoot with a team of three photographers. Patricia Cabezas, Cameron Gary, and myself. … This is one of the images I shot of the gathered family. …

Honestly, I shot a thousand images, and I am sure Patricia shot that many as well, so we have a lot to choose from.

I love weddings. Everyone is always super nice, and it was the same with this wedding.

Congratulations Medelyn, and Almario!

And a little Nerd Speak . “Live long, and prosper!”

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