Round, round, round, round, we get around.


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[by Jack Foster Mancilla

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It always amazes me when I get to looking at blog stats. For example, this image to the right, and the much larger version if you click on it, shows me how many unique visitors I have had on my site in the past two months, I include the past two months only, because I have just started writing in my blog after a year hiatus. Not surprisingly, most of my visitors are from the U.S.A., I live here. 😉 But, the few singletons from all over the world did surprise me. The truth is, I am not sure I know anyone in most of these countries. So, to you folk, visiting from the ethers, I say, “Hello! Welcome aboard! Enjoy yourselves. It is great to have you around, round, round, round; we get around.”

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