Walking on the Hay

Jenivive and I went around and shot some images. There were so many images I enjoy out of the day.

I really love all the images we shot while clambering around on the huge stack of bailed hay. The color of her hair just takes my breath away.

I really look forward to our next chance to do something like this again.

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One thought on “Walking on the Hay

  1. Hi,
    At first I thought the “Walking on the Hay” picture was on the ground on a mowed hay field. It was not until I read the wording that I realized the truth and saw the bails. I looked at all the “Jenivive and hay” pictures and was hoping to see a photo that would show the size of the huge stack compared to a car or Jenivive. Just how HUGE was it?
    Don Design Jr. http://www.Ideas4Humanity.com

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