The Writers Group

This is a great little group of very creative people, writers all.

This evening, I was thoroughly entertained by everyones writings. … Jill set some tasks and we followed through. I was totally surprised at the turns of the minds of creative people, how they bent the task to their choices.

So here is an image of some creative people.

And here is a sample. …

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Uncomfortable pause.

As I lay abed, wanting to say something to her, wanting to open my mouth and tell her. …

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Looking across the dark, at the green face of the analogue clock with its second sweep moving so slowly, I know the morning will bring pain. … If it ever gets here.

I smell her next to me. I feel her warmth.

Tick. Tick. tick.

Without thinking, as I start to slide into sleep, I reach to feel the small of her back.

Tick. Tick. Tick. …


Alone, still alone, and awake.

Moving through the house, I grab clothing permeated with the smell of her, just to hold it close to my face, and pretend the warmth of my breath is the warmth of her flesh, as I inhale memories of her.

Rummaging around in the kitchen, Coffee? She liked her coffee in the small cups with the pink roses, one sugar, and blonde. This cup has her lipstick still on it.

Looking through the music, I see her songs because she always was at this machine. I do not want to hear them, but do not want to throw them away.

Wandering, touching traces, naked still, back to bed.

Morning will surely come.

Tick. Tick. tick.

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