Did this ever happen to you?

Facebook jumped me today.

I am unabashedly opposed to our current republican government in the USA today. And, I have been calling people out on Facebook, in their postings, and their furtherance of fake news, and their reposting of outright lies.

Today Facebook kicked me offline, and asked for a picture proving I am me.

2 thoughts on “Did this ever happen to you?

  1. It happened to my friend online, Dr. Alice Clearman Fusco! I am shocked! What to do?

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    • I thought twice about sending an image of myself. But, eventually, I relented and sent them a quick snap. … It took about an hour for the entire process to play out, from the first notice, through image turmoil, to acceptance and submission, and then, finally being allowed back online. … Needless to say, even though it was offered as a security check, I feel more insecure about Facebook than ever.

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