Scrips Pier – Torry Pines – And North January 28, 2019 at 03:22PM

This is shot from Mount Soledad, on the final Sunday of the 2019 Farmers Open golf tournament. … The green, just ablove the clifs to the right is Torry Pines Golf Course. … This is a very detailed stitch of twelve full frame Sony a7r ii images using the Sony 100-400 GM lens with the Sony 1.4 tele-converter, but only using an effective length of 269mm.

See it larger here, in my Flickr Photostream:

I know you will not be able to see this online, but you can see the landing gear and the prop of the little speck airplane directly above the middle of the Pier, and above the mountains. And, you can easily count the people on Blacks Beach, just below the cliffs.

This is the airplane that looks like a tiny piece of dirt in any onscreen image.
LightroomCAP 001

And, this is a look at some of the people on Blacks Beach, and Torry Pines State Beach.
LightroomCAP 002