The Dancer With Lively Eyes, as the Lonely Boy Watches

This is one of my favorite images. Here, we are at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park, San Diego, on the occasion of the Organs 90th birthday.

These dancers were part of the celebration.

The young woman looking at the camera point of view is the only girl looking our way, and she is smiling, proud, happy, dancing for us. I was lucky enough in framing the one young woman against the only birthday balloons that were flying stage left. In the background, through the window, peeks someone. I choose to see the person as a small boy that yearns for the dancer’s heart, but it could, just as easily, be the Instructor, Choreographer, watching the movements of her pupils.

Either way, I love this image because of the eyes of the young woman. You should really view the larger size image to see the emotion of the young woman.

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