The Future of Man

Twenty-four hours from any now, every one of us could be homeless. The cause could be any of a thousand reasons, earthquake, bomb, oil pollution, whatever the reason, it is possible for every one of us to be faultless in our homelessness. In these unsettled times, the times of stress and financial hardship, people look for a way to make sense of their future. Will there be a roof over my head when I wake? Where will I live if there is not? Where will my next job be? Will there be a next job? In these times, some people turn to magic and faith because magic and faith explain the troubles by saying that it is the will of something greater than themselves.

In effect, those movements towards belief in a greater power, no matter what the power, absolve them of personal responsibility. It gives them a free pass in the world of reality. It does give comfort of a community, but no matter how many people believe, even if everyone believed simultaneously, the oil would still be gushing into the floor of the Gulf of Mexico.

We must use our brains, turn them on, instead of turning them off.

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