My SmugMug Gallery site has been upgraded.

I am very happy to say that my SmugMug galleries have been upgraded! Wahoo! I have been wrestling with those demons for the past few days. Now, I can say that I am happy to have upgraded!

A photograph is almost always yesterday’s news, “History.”

Almost always, but photographs can also twist our minds a little. As captured moments of history, they can be islands, a physical island capturing the fleeting moment in a bubble of crystalline time. While the real moment continues its way moving deeper into the past of our lives, drifting further from our conscious mind. Even now, we can watch the captured moment recede into the darkness of our lost memories. … The island of the photograph, like a time machine, can transport us to that moment, forever.

Not only can the photograph transport us back to that moment, that photograph can transport anyone who views the image to that very moment, no matter how far into the future they are viewing the image. The children of your children’s children can see, and experience, the moment you have been captured in.

I have been a working photographer for a long time. … With various side trips into Live Theater, Lighting, New Media Journalism, Teaching, and Computers. … Those tools help me in my work. … I like to help find the beauty in all people, places, things. And, I like to post those visions into the future.

Your photographer friend,


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Concourse d’Elegance – Greystone Mansion – Beverly Hills, April 11, 2010

The Concourse d’Elegance at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, was a great learning experience with my friend Lois. I learned some things about showing my images to crowds of people. … I sold nothing … But I earned a thousand things that I had not had before. …

I learned that most people like the work I do. They would stand for quite a bit of time and just look at my images, asking a question now and then. … I learned the young people, very young people, would walk by with their hands in their parent’s hands, and say, “Wow! That’s cool.” Even the other artists liked my work, and wondered why they had never seen me before. … All that felt really good.

And a magazine asked for a submission of three images, along with a short article for publication. Great!

And I chose this green Palm Beach labeled Ferrari as the image to go with this post because I think the car is beautiful.

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Yellow Flames on Red Rod

Sunday the 11th, I will be at the Greystone Mansion Concours d’Elegance in Beverly Hills. I have some framed images and a bunch of prints that will be available.

Saturday, I will be loading in my setup from one to five pm. Then the place will be locked up until Sunday morning. You should check out some of the cars that are going to be there. … With any luck, I will be able to make some contacts to shoot another set of images!


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Big Red 1938 Ford Truck

This is a really cool 1938 Ford truck.

A few people will not like that I am in the image as a reflection, but, in this image, I did that on purpose. It was a way of taking credit for my work. … Next time, I will take two versions of the image, one with me, and one without me. Options are always good.

That is the way I shoot images. I do the homework first, planing all the shots I intend shooting, and then I shoot those shots, and I am open for unexpected shots that are sometimes very interesting. … After the shoot, and after the editing, I reconstruct what the shoot became, and adjust for the next shoot.

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Shafters of Fallbrook

Here, we have four of The Shafters of Fallbrook. These men really love their cars, their family and their friends! I know the order may be a little skewed, but they really do love their cars, talking about cars, looking at cars, working on cars. …

And they meet regularly, on a Saturday morning to do just that. … Talk about cars. … Let us not kid ourselves, they do talk about cars, but they have their coffee with friends, and their breakfast with a cute waitress, and friends.

Saturday is friends day. … And cars.

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A Great Ride

In getting ready for an auto show, I was wandering through some of my auto images, and this one popped back into my consciousness as a childhood dream. Yes. I always wanted one of these great car/truck things. …

I know, 😉 .. It is not a car/truck thing, but darn it, I still want one. … Of course the milage may not fit the wallet, but a dream is still a dream.

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Prepping a Show

This is just one of a whole set of automobiles I shot this past weekend in Fallbrook. They are for sale on my sale site.

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