Turning a Page

“Moving on,” “Turning a Page,” “Times change,” What is happening today, is not yesterday.

It could be time for a good read, or it could be time to put to good use what we have already read.

For me, I study life in my images, and try to capture tiny moments that tell a story. Like I used to teach my students, “When writing a story, each sentence, paragraph, image, whatever is part of the story, must be complete in and of itself, it must have a beginning, a middle, and an end, so that the reader, or the viewer loses nothing if they move on to something else.”

So, today I am making myself take those statements more seriously to heart. … From today, I will strive to make every image story timeless, and complete. … Yet, I will also strive to ask my viewers, with my works, to want to revisit my visions.

That is my version of giving the audience what they want, while having them also, wanting more.

Moving on, but come back tomorrow.

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