Copley Symphony Hall May 29, 2019 at 10:04PM

Eye of Theater. from the back of the house in the balcony, looking towards the stage..

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Copley Symphony Hall May 29, 2019 at 10:03PM

The Face of the House, looking towards the back of the house, from the front of the stage.

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High Heels, the Piano, and the Ghost

This is an out-take of a shoot for the Snapshots Foundation.

I am starting to get a little excited becaus the Snapshots Foundation is about to actually be born. I honestly do not know all the people involved with the entire project, but Jonathan Bewley has been working for a while to bring it to fruition.

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After the Rehearsal

Today I was shooting some bonus shots during Gustavo Romero’s rehearsal for tonights performance with the San Diego Youth Symphony in the Copely Symphony Hall. Everyone worked very hard during the rehearsal, and we were treated to some wonderful music in a great hall that only contained about five people.

I love rehearsals. Rehearsals are the occasions where creativity takes place. Performances are another story because that is where people are performing for themselves, and an audience. Performances are what performers live for. But, I just love the moments of creativity, and the sparks of communication, the small conversations that can only exist during a rehearsal.

After the rehearsal, a few people gathered around Gustavo for the history books. 😉

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Neurosciences Institute Auditorium – From Back of House

I post this because I like the image, and because the Neurosciences Institute will be using this image again.

Debbie Honeycutt wrote, “I am doing a piece on the Performing Arts Program at the Institute and would again like to use the auditorium shot in the next issue.

A little publicity couldn’t hurt. 😉

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