The Writers Group

This is a great little group of very creative people, writers all.

This evening, I was thoroughly entertained by everyones writings. … Jill set some tasks and we followed through. I was totally surprised at the turns of the minds of creative people, how they bent the task to their choices.

So here is an image of some creative people.

And here is a sample. …

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Uncomfortable pause.

As I lay abed, wanting to say something to her, wanting to open my mouth and tell her. …

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Looking across the dark, at the green face of the analogue clock with its second sweep moving so slowly, I know the morning will bring pain. … If it ever gets here.

I smell her next to me. I feel her warmth.

Tick. Tick. tick.

Without thinking, as I start to slide into sleep, I reach to feel the small of her back.

Tick. Tick. Tick. …


Alone, still alone, and awake.

Moving through the house, I grab clothing permeated with the smell of her, just to hold it close to my face, and pretend the warmth of my breath is the warmth of her flesh, as I inhale memories of her.

Rummaging around in the kitchen, Coffee? She liked her coffee in the small cups with the pink roses, one sugar, and blonde. This cup has her lipstick still on it.

Looking through the music, I see her songs because she always was at this machine. I do not want to hear them, but do not want to throw them away.

Wandering, touching traces, naked still, back to bed.

Morning will surely come.

Tick. Tick. tick.

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Marion Ross speaking at Craig Noel’s Memorial Service

Last night there was a memorial service for Craig Noel at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park, and at the Copley Plaza, in front of the Old Globe Theater. We celebrated the life and friendship of a great man. Many of his friends were in attendance.

I took very few pictures because I feel odd shooting at the memorial of someone I consider a friend. This image is of Marion Ross telling heart warming stories of her time with Craig over the years. One of those stories was about the production of “Summer in Smoke.” That is why I chose this image of Marion. I worked on that show.

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Walking on the Hay

Jenivive and I went around and shot some images. There were so many images I enjoy out of the day.

I really love all the images we shot while clambering around on the huge stack of bailed hay. The color of her hair just takes my breath away.

I really look forward to our next chance to do something like this again.

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For A Moment, She Looked My Way

Sometimes, when I am wandering around shooting images, a face just jumps out and says, “Howdy.” This face did just that. She looks so comfortable surrounded by suitors.

These images were shot for April Game, and the San Diego Fine Art Society, at the Hollywood Glamour Ball that was hosted at the Anthology in San Diego.

San Diego Fine Art Society

Hollywood Glamour Ball

Anthology in San Diego

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Courtyard of the Greystone Mansion – Beverly Hills, California

Early last month, I had the privilege of being a vendor at the Beverly Hills, Greystone Mansions version of the Concourse d’Elegance.

Needless to say, I had a great time in a beautiful venue.

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Trees in the Lake

This is an interesting image to me. … It evokes loneliness, and yet it is a colony of birds as well.

They are protected here in their lonely home on the lake. Land based predators cannot reach them through the shallows.

For me, sitting on the shore, they are unreachable, except by my long lens.

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An old video for a friend. … And I may add videos in the future

Yesterday, I had friend tell me that he liked my stupid little videos. So I thought I would test the water and see how they go over with a couple from the past. … And I will probably do some more for all my shoots and see how that works for me and my workflow.

A long time ago, it seems very long ago, I lived in Denmark. And, somewhere between a long time ago, and a longer-than-a-short-time-ago, I did this little video about something for a reason I no longer remember.

[by Jack Foster Mancilla]

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Looks Like Food, to me.

The other day, we had some food. … That is all it was, food, nothing special.

But, this little purple flower looks so good that I want to spin the stamens on a fork with the purple sauce dripping. … All the while eating the little yellow meatballs.

Oh heck! I think I forgot to eat lunch as I was editing images this afternoon.

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Evening at the Salton Sea

The Salton Sea is a wonderful place to visit.

It has so many good memories for me and there are new memories. This image is just after sunset.

While capturing the image, the sea was very quiet, no wind, and still warm from the heat of the day. I could hear birds singing their evening songs as they were going to roost.

It is a good day.

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The Gentle Smile

I have this friend, she is very smart, and she is beautiful.

As I look at this image, I try to imagine what one very special person a hundred years from now will think, when they are looking so deeply into the eyes of their grandmother when she was young, before she accomplished all that she did.

Standing in the desert, looking through a window, into the eyes of tomorrow.

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