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Jeremy Cowart walks around NYC and meets Majesty360

Photographer, Jeremy Cowart, was in New York for a gig. He is a great photographer. But Street Photography is not his normal type of photography. …
This evening he was trying Street Photography, and using Periscope. You can watch him as he learns how to approach people on the street. All the while he is teaching us about some other aspects of photography.

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iPhone Time Lapse video

A quick timelapse video, mostly by an iPhone 5s

by Jack Foster Mancilla
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This is a video, created out of about 900 iPhone full res images.
Icon128x128 cropThis link is to the application page.

One of the greatest things about this particular application is that it will take the full res image of the iPhone, and generate a time lapse movie out of it. …

OR – Big OR. … You can export all the full res images into your computer and generate a 100% full res video out of those images, after running through whatever post processing you wish

In the end, that ability to work with the full res images will make for incredibly beautiful time lapse videos.

This little video was done very quickly, only as a test. But, I did minimal post processing as part of the test.

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Images of Today

by Jack Foster Mancilla

When taking photos, some people judge what they see as unattractive. … I say,

“Quit judging your ephemeral beauty in todays images on your imaginary vision of your yesterdays image. Instead, look at the image of todays moment, and use todays image as a pointer to tomorrow. … To any image taken today, your five years into tomorrows self will always say, “See. Why can you not capture me like that guy did five years ago? I was beautiful then.”

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Coo. Coo.

Coo. Coo.
by Jack Foster Mancilla

Whispering flutter of beating wings glide by,
coo, coos floating through the misty morning.
Hello, I love you. Coo. Coo.

Sprinkles of wet light, coo, coo,
cool my bare feet in the dewy grass.
Swish, swish, feet through the grass,
doves sitting in a tree. Coo. Coo.

All morning long, coo, coo,
I love you, sitting in a tree.
Coo. One coo, sitting in a tree.
C–. One —, lying on the ground.
Good by coo. I love you.

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Good Morning!

I told a couple friends that they would not recognize our house. As you can see, it is different.





Some Friends.

I like to go for little trips with friends, and shoot some images. … This is just a jumble of some of those little drives.

Under The Eaves – Wasp Nest

We noticed this nest, just under the eaves on the front of the house. It must have been there for a while, and not really bothered anyone, but now we know, they are there, waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting, child, dog, or even the gardener.

If you look closely during the video, you can see some easily observable actions that these wasps do as part of their social life. At the top center of the nest is a wasp that is going along the sides of a single paper cell, enlarging the cell with a paper mâché from its mouth. Below center, you can see two wasps grooming each other. Just above center right, you can see a whole line of larva whose faces look like the caterpillar in “A Bugs Life.” And if you watch very closely, you can see a wasp doing the wasp version of the wiggle dance.

★★★ View HD Video on YouTube ★★★

You should watch the video on YouTube. When you watch, make sure you see it in HD, and then expand the video to fit your screen.

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Perseid Meteors 20100812-EarlyAM

I did mention this was coming. This is a time lapse video created from 1100 still images that were taken on August 12th between sometime between 01:30 in the morning and 03:30 in the morning. If you really want to know the time, ask me and I can give you a specific time for each frame.

The exposures were five seconds long. I shot wide open as fast I could, trying to get the brightest image I could have, of the meteors, in relation to the stars. … The stars were exposed for five seconds, but the meteors ran through the frame very fast, not even close to a full second, so they had to be very bright to be seen.

If you look very carefully at individual frames, you will see many small meteors, but about 36 seconds into the video, you will see one humongous meteor. And, if you look really hard, you will see a cloud of glowing gas slowly expand for the next few seconds of the video. That expansion took place over three full minutes. Amazing!

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An old video for a friend. … And I may add videos in the future

Yesterday, I had friend tell me that he liked my stupid little videos. So I thought I would test the water and see how they go over with a couple from the past. … And I will probably do some more for all my shoots and see how that works for me and my workflow.

A long time ago, it seems very long ago, I lived in Denmark. And, somewhere between a long time ago, and a longer-than-a-short-time-ago, I did this little video about something for a reason I no longer remember.

[by Jack Foster Mancilla]

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